Week Two

       This week was my second week of teaching, this time my field partner and I taught a math lesson.  We had a substitute teacher in place of our Co-op teacher as she was at a conference for professional development.  Our lesson was about how to create an equation using a variable from a word problem.  Both my field partner and I set our target as audibility, we both did really well at this and made sure we spoke clearly.  Students really became engaged when we played the math game where they got to match the equations to the word problems.

       The only thing that didn’t go as planned was that our lesson took longer than expected.  We spent more time making sure the students were understanding the lesson and wound up running out of time, and didn’t get to do our assessment/exit slip.  This is why I have decided to focus on time management as my target for the next time we are in the school.  If I were to redo this lesson I would spend a little less time walking around the class and checking on every student, and rather ask at the front of the class if they understand, this would allow for more time for the assessment/exit slip.

       This week I learnt that students learn much faster when the learning was fun for them.  The math game we played, renewed an interest in math that many of the students had forgotten.  The game encouraged the students to think open-mindedly about a subject that is difficult for some of them.  I also learnt that I want to include this type of engaging activity in all of my future lessons in an attempt to foster a love of learning in all of my students. 


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