Week Three

       I was nervous going into my third week of teaching, as this was the first time I was teaching without my field partner.  With time management as my target I set out to teach my lesson on the influence of media through advertising.  The lesson went really well and the students were really engaged, which made for good open discussion.  I felt really glad to have this group of students as my first class for teaching as they are so receptive to learning.  I went through the slideshow and all of the students seemed excited to see the commercials and to answer the questions I asked.  Then we moved to group work, which was where I had my only problem.  I had forgotten to decide how I wanted them grouped but luckily my co-op teacher was there with the idea to number them from one to four.  The group work went well and I circulated the class as they searched magazines for ads and brainstormed to make sure students were staying on task.  Then I asked them to go back to their desks, and write a paragraph about their favorite ad, which most of them did quite well.  Overall my lesson went very well, and the project is one I want to continue to use. 


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