Bullying in the Classroom

       For my field placement I have been placed in a grade five classroom, which is usually when bullying begins to start and was surprised to find very little evidence of bullying since I have been there.  We have many exceptional learners in our class including one student with a hearing impairment, three ESL students, and two students with learning difficulties.  Since bullying usually relies on differences I was again surprised to find little of it in the classroom.  My confusion was cleared up when I walked around the school and found many displays painting differences in a positive light.  Through the last few weeks I have observed my co-op bring this attitude into the classroom, by having the kids learn both American Sign Language, and Urdu (the language our ESL students first language).  The one time I heard a student show a bullying attitude was when he had said, “that’s gay” to another student when discussing a new movie.  My co-op overheard and immediately took the student aside and said “Remember what the class discussed at the beginning of the year, that word is not an insult, so we do not use it as one” the boy apologized and went back to his desk.  This is something I want to make sure I do with my class.  I plan to explain the rules about bullying at the beginning of the year and make sure students know that demeaning behavior is unacceptable.  I am not sure what the specific bullying issues are related to my class, but I believe in modern society entertainment is a big issue.  When students hear words like “gay” being used as an insult, they won’t understand that it is demeaning. 


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