Week Five

       I felt that my choice of story to read the students went well.  I chose Jingle Dancer by Cynthia Smith; it is about a young girl who wants to dance at Powwow but doesn’t have a jingle dress.  The kids all gathered around me on the floor as I read it and it lead to great discussion after about what makes up identity, community, and social responsibility, which led to the outcome.  The students were very engaged, and all of them were answering the questions I asked.

       I wish I had planned an example of a story to tell the kids as after we brainstormed story ideas a few of the students were still stuck on what to write.  My co-op stepped in and gave a quick example to show the kids how to go about finding a story idea.  Having some story ideas in my head would have also helped me when students were having trouble coming up there own.  I would also change a couple of things when adapting this for my own classroom.  I believe that the students would have benefited from having more time when filling out there story idea worksheets.  I also would love to give students the option of painting an image, writing a story, making a video, or creating a skit to depict there knowledge about identity, community, and social responsibility.

       This week I learnt that as a teacher you must have an idea about what you want the students’ work to look like before the lesson.  Without this knowledge you can’t guide students properly and it is unfair to expect them to do something that you don’t even have in your head yet.



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