Week Six

       This week was a continuation of my last weeks’ lesson.  I handed the students back the worksheets with my comments on them back to the students. Then I had the students write out a rough draft of their story.  This style of lesson allowed students to work at their own pace, while I could walk around and help students who were having trouble focusing their ideas. This was my favorite part of my lesson as it allows for maximum interaction with the students, they can articulate their ideas about their stories to me and I can help them find a way to put that on paper.  As a continuation lesson I would have liked to do more than just have a work period but they needed the full time to finish their stories.  I would have liked to have students display their story in multiple ways such as through a skit, a painting, a drawing, or creating something. This would be great for multiple intelligences as students would be able to work with what they enjoy most and show me that they met the indicator in whatever way they choose.


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