Last week of teaching

       This week was my last week of teaching in a grade five classroom.  The lesson was a continuation of last weeks fractured fairy tale lesson.  We began by heading to the gym where the students did a quiet down activity as I handed back their worksheets and sent them to a separate spot to practice.  I am glad I did this because the students were excited to present, and having a space in the gym really helped the groups stay on task.  As they practiced my field partner and I walked around to different groups and watched their presentations and gave suggestions.  The only problem is that the students began to get bored with rehearsing before it was time to present.  The kids loved watching the performances and guessing which fairy tale was being fractured.  The skits were fun and creative and the students were really engaged when creating them, performing them, and watching them.


1 thought on “Last week of teaching”

  1. Lexi – as you go into pre-internship next year, think about how you can demonstrate even more growth in your reflections, by really digging into the things that didn’t go well and thinking about how you might change if you retaught the lesson.

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