ECS 210

Response to “The Problem of Common Sense”

In his work The Problem of Common Sense Kevin Kumashiro defines common sense as “what everyone should know”in the context of his time teaching in Nepal.  It is important to pay attention to common sense because we can become complacent in what we think everyone should know and forget to think about the deeper meaning behind the things we feel are common sense, and as Kumashiro states; this can cause us to “teach… and learn… in ways that allow the oppressions already in play to continue to play out unchallenged”.  Throughout my own schooling this commonly took the form of teachers asking the boys to leave class to help move any heavy equipment; leaving the girls to feel weak and helpless when it comes to that sort of stuff.  This oppression can make students feel hurt, excluded, and subordinate to their peers, and can place a stop to any meaningful learning and advancement occurring in the classroom.


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