ECMP 355, Responses

My first foray into the Twitterverse

My Twitter page says that I joined in 2011 but I don’t remember ever using it until this class. I love technology but I didn’t like Twitter’s 140 character limit on how much I could say; although now that I have the knowledge of how to insert links I enjoy it a lot more. I have began following many people related to social justice including Bill Gates, The Dalai Lama, sjechat, and Miss Representation and love how these pages open my eyes to the numerous social justice issues I want to dress in my teaching. I love Twitter’s ability to connect people; for example I tweeted about learning to knit for this class and was followed by knitting profiles that I might be able to use for my learning project. I also really enjoyed our Twitter conversation during this weeks class, and love that people from around the world were able to join in our conversation. This is why I am excited to use Twitter in the classroom, as the opportunity for connecting with different people and seeing different viewpoints is extremely valuable.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.43.38 PM


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