ECS 210

The Tyler rational – The one-size fits all schooling

The traditionalist approach/the Tyler rational follows along four main questions

1. What educational objectives should the school seek to achieve?
2. What educational experiences can be provided that are likely to achieve these
3. How can these educational experiences be effectively organized?
4. How can we determine whether these objectives are being achieved?

These four easy to follow steps are problematic in that teaching should not be easy and that a one size fits all mentality will not work seeing as you don’t have one-size fits all students.

The Tyler rational was often used in my own schooling; which luckily for me I was not an exceptional learner in most subjects. And I did see many students get left behind or just moved on to the next grade. One class that this method has negatively effected me in is math. All through schooling I’ve had trouble with math and it wasn’t until high school that teachers seemed to notice. Once teacher’s noticed and helped me by providing a more visual example to what we were studying my grades improved quite a bit. As my example hopefully shows; the Tyler method allows no space for the individual student and differentiated instruction. This not only limits students who need a little extra help when it comes to learning, but also those who are further ahead who usually wind up doing busywork until the teacher decides the class has learnt what they need to. The benefit to the Tyler rational is that it can provide a jumping off point for teachers to create lesson/unit plans; hopefully adding their own differentiated instruction to supplement it.


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