ECMP 355, Learning project

My knitting project: A new beginning (Part one)


For my ECMP 355 class we need to learn something over the internet…anything. So I decided to learn how to knit; something I’ve wanted to learn forever but gave up on immediately. I want to lean to knit because as a perfectionist when I want to try something that I feel I might not be able to do well at; I immediatly give up, and I want to change that. As a visual learner I went straight to YouTube and looked up videos on how to knit scarves; as the fall is here and it is getting cold.

I found this video and got my materials; some yarn and size 13 (9mm) knitting needles (Michael’s was a lifesaver here).


I am extremely excited to begin this project! Please follow along my journey and feel free to leave comments.


3 thoughts on “My knitting project: A new beginning (Part one)”

  1. Great idea to learn how to knit! That can be such a good thing to know how to do especially when it is coming close to the winter season! Your family and friends will know what they are getting for Christmas haha. I look forward to seeing your progress with this!

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