ECS 210

The importance of place

In the article “Learning from Place: A Return to Traditional Mushkegowuk Ways of Knowing” there were many examples of both reinhabitation and decolonization happening throughout the narrative of a research project. One way this project encouraged reinhabitation is that they encouraged young people to converse with older generations about the river because ‘this connection to nature and land was all the more significant for its contributions to an additional dimension of development: the cultural identity of the people”. Allowing the students to take ownership for and reinhabit the land. Decolonization was supported by research project was that the advisory group was formed with the band council “so that the Cree could track environmental and social changes on their own terms for their own purposes”; this is important to decolonization because society’s colonial wallpaper encourages us to get so caught up in helping people that we neglect to ask their own ideas or opinions on the project,

I definitely want to consider place in my own classroom; I will do this by first asking myself who feels comfortable in my classroom and in the school as a whole. I would also like to get my students opinions on the place where they are learning; maybe by having students write in their journals describing their favorite place then sharing with the class what makes up a safe, comforting, and open place. Through English and drama I plan to encourage the exploration of place both through reading and analyzing texts and through play; using my students insights to mold and create the place that is my classroom.


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