2018 Reading Challenge

Year of Yes

“Making it through the glass ceiling to the other side was simply a matter of running on a path created by every other woman’s footprints” (173).


About the book:

I have been a fan of Shonda Rhimes for quite a few years.  Her company, Shondaland creates Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder, and Scandal, all three of which are on my top five television show list.  Her shows have normalized television, or made the characters look like real life people.  She is known for writing female characters who are strong and independent women of all races and body types.  Year of Yes is an account of her life as a shy child creating stories and growing up and coming to the realization that she never says yes to anything.  Thus begins her challenge to say yes to what scares her, parties, appearing on TV, and giving a commencement speech to name a few.  This allows her to become confident in herself and realize her importance as a FOD “First, only, different” television writer/creator.


Celebrity Memoir

Reading next:

Very Good Lives by J.K. Rowling


Happy reading,



Rhimes, Shonda. Year of Yes. Thorndike Press, 2016.


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