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My knitting project: Final reflection

If you’ve read some of my other posts surrounding ECMP 355 you may have noticed that for my learning project I’ve chosen to learn how to knit; preferably a scarf. Although I did not quite get the scarf I was hoping for; as it was more difficult and time-consuming that I’d expected; I’ve adapted my goals to learning the stitches needed to complete a scarf. These stitches include the cast on, knit, and purl stitches.

Here are the posts surrounding the beginning of my project



and here are my original posts surrounding these stitches

Cast on

Knit stitch

Purl stitch

To summarise what I’ve learned and to give back to the online community I decided to go back and create how-to videos similar to the ones that I learnt from

Cast on

Knit stitch

Purl Stitch

such a complex task online was difficult and making these videos has shown me how much effort people put into making videos that teach others a skill, as I didn’t have the best lighting or camera’s available and I could not get a camera angle that could show me completing the stitch properly. This online forum was also beneficial as it allowed me access to help when I ran into a problem with the knit stitch and there were numerous tutorial videos to choose from. Overall through completing my own and viewing the results of classmates learning projects I have learnt that there are both benefits and challenges to online learning and that my students will have the opportunity to explore whatever skill they would like online, so I must never assume their knowledge, as with the internet it is neverending.

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My knitting project: Purl (Part 5)

Today I learnt the pearl stitch which makes up the body of the scarf.  I have been following along with the same series which is good because the camera angle and lighting really help me get through some of the tougher stitches.

I’ve found learning over the internet a lot more time consuming as I don’t have the ability to easily show someone when I am having trouble rather I go back to that forum from part 4 or rewatch the video.  After quite a few tries I finally got the hang of the pearl stitch as this video was a little harder to see what exactly was going on.  As you can see the stitches are quite loose and would make a nice chunky scarf.




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My knitting project: a hitch in the (knit) stitch (Part 4)

I am actually beginning to see the accomplishments I’ve been working towards and it’s really inspiring me to continue. This week I learnt the knit stitch and actually began knitting my scarf! For this step I’ve been following along with this video.

I liked this video because it was very simple and showed the actions up close with a lot of detail, as one of the problems I’m finding with the other video’s I’ve been using is that they are not detailed enough for a beginner to use.


This stitch went pretty smoothly until the end where I realized that mine did not look like the one in the video.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.28.48 AM

See how in this picture she has yarn on either side of the needle.


Whereas mine is all on one side.

After realizing this I went to Twitter and tweeted this to see if I could get any help.  I also found this knitting forum where I thought might find some help.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.54.19 AM

I added some photo’s and quickly got repliesScreen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.21.36 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.23.07 PM

It turns out that my problem was not actually a problem after all, and I can just continue knitting.  At least this gave me the opportunity to find a community for any future problems with my knitting, and they do have a forum to post updates on projects you’re working on, so maybe I’ll try that.

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My knitting project: Cast on (Part 3)

After reading the responses on my last post, and seeing that I was not the only one in the class having trouble displaying something that was not perfect; I was inspired to overcome this feeling and post whether my knitting is perfect or not.

Cast on

Casting on is the first step in knitting my scarf and is defined in Merriam-webster as “to place (stitches) on a knitting needle for beginning…[a] knitted work” .  Having found many techniques for casting on around the web I chose the one displayed in the video below because the method seemed straightforward and she displayed it well.

The only problem I faced while doing this was the fact that I had not considered that my cats and yarn do not mix, and they kept trying to steal the ball of yarn.  Once the cats were put into another room the process went smoothly, and I am very happy with the final product.



Stop by next week to see my experience with learning the main stitch of the scarf.


Cast on. (n.d.). Web. Retrieved November 1, 2015, from http://www.merriam on

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My knitting project: Overcoming my perfectionist side (Part 2)

You’ll see some knitting videos really soon; my perfectionist side kicked in and made me feel like I had to be an expert before I shared anything, but that’s silly. I will push that aside and post a video of me knitting whether I’m perfect or not when I have a moment to record it. For now I thought it would be useful post a collection of sources I have been using to learn about knitting.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 10.25.05 PM

Cast on – A podcast all about knitting

This video – A great demonstration on how to knit an infinity scarf

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 10.29.06 PM

And the @Vogueknitting twitter – I feel like they could be a useful resource for me

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My knitting project: A new beginning (Part one)


For my ECMP 355 class we need to learn something over the internet…anything. So I decided to learn how to knit; something I’ve wanted to learn forever but gave up on immediately. I want to lean to knit because as a perfectionist when I want to try something that I feel I might not be able to do well at; I immediatly give up, and I want to change that. As a visual learner I went straight to YouTube and looked up videos on how to knit scarves; as the fall is here and it is getting cold.

I found this video and got my materials; some yarn and size 13 (9mm) knitting needles (Michael’s was a lifesaver here).


I am extremely excited to begin this project! Please follow along my journey and feel free to leave comments.