Goal 3

My third goal is to become more confident in the classroom. I am an introvert, which in an extravert-oriented society is difficult and often is seen us un-confidence. Being confident is important in the classroom because it shows the students that you know what you are teaching and that they can trust that you are teaching them something that is correct and important. I feel that this is where my training in theatre has been especially useful, as it has given me the confidence in myself that I now must work to show in the classroom.

-Being prepared for my lessons and having backup lessons in case the first does not pan out.

-Have my lesson plans filled out with detail so that I am never left not knowing what to say.


Data collection

-Looking back at my lesson plans and see if they were detailed enough.

-Reflecting on the lesson and writing how I felt the lesson went.

-Ask Co-op or Field partner to write a reflection on if I portrayed confidence.



1 thought on “Goal 3”

  1. Make sure your goal is labeled properly – it’s called “Lesson 3” right now. Also, you may want to talk on each of the pages about the progress you made towards each goal during your field placement.

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