My Teaching philosophy

My teaching philosophy
I believe the role of the teacher is to facilitate learning for students. I believe the best way to learn is to teach, so once students have been given the information they need, it should be up to them to research and learn. This will better prepare students for their future, where they must take their learning into their own hands, which for me is one of the main goals of education. I will facilitate learning in my classroom by planning lessons that use student-driven learning rather than direct instruction. I believe the teacher should adapt teaching styles to the group of students they are teaching which involves treating students as individuals who have unique strengths and weaknesses. In turn, students will begin to possess a love of learning, which is another goal of education. I will encourage this love of learning by incorporating get to know you activities with students and keep open communication with both students and parents.

As a future teacher, I look forward to having all types of learners in my classroom. I believe that having only one type of learner would be boring and would not be challenging for me as a teacher. To encourage my students to express their own learning styles I will be aware of the different learning styles when planning my lessons, and incorporate them into my lessons. I hope by encouraging individuality, my classroom will be one that is accepting of differences for all students; where students feel they can share and contribute without the threat of negative criticism. I will also encourage my students to feel comfortable to come to me with questions or contributions, or students who want to talk about their education, goals, interests and learning needs.

I believe that technology has a very important role in the classroom, as I believe that we are preparing our students to become adults in our very technology centered world. This is also important because we must show students how technology such as the Internet and social media can be used properly, and that if they search properly they will find things that are safe, fun, and educational. As a teacher, if I want to incorporate technology in the classroom, I must be cognizant of the constant technological changes. This means researching on my own and thoughtfully integrating changes into my lessons through things like YouTube videos and educational websites.

I also believe that rather than using one or two teaching strategies students learn best when exposed to a wide variety. This change will keep students interested in lessons and assist to address each student’s individual learning needs and styles. This style of teaching will also better prepare students for future education as they will have had been shown many different styles of instruction, know how to work with different styles and which ones they enjoy. I will apply this variety of teaching strategies by building a wide variety of lessons that can be taught in many different ways. I also hope to talk with my future colleagues about their lessons, so that my students and I are being constantly challenged.