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Why teach social justice

In my ECMP 355 class, we were discussing the place social justice should hold in the classroom; which is something that has become an important issue for me in the past few years.  I tend to be the one that speaks up when I see forms of oppression in my daily life or on social media Social Justice/social issues should have a prominent place in the classroom if you want to make your classroom a place where all students feel safe and accepted or if you want your students to go on and stand up/support people in their community in the future.  Our students will have been subjected to many varying opinions on these issues from Tv., the internet, friends, and family so introducing issues such as homophobia, racism, etc. must be done with compassion and mindfulness.  Having students write journal entries about how they feel about what they are learning would allow not only for the student to explore their own thoughts regarding the subject, but also allow for the teacher to check in and see where the students are at.

I believe that the most important thing regarding social justice in the classroom is that it has to be integrated; rather than it only being a one-day thing.  I plan to integrate social justice into my own classrooms by making social justice issues prevalent in my classroom and by creating a space where issues such as oppressive words can be discussed.  One way I could create this space is by including these posters

I also plan to incorporate social justice issues into my lessons.

Allen Turing lesson

Stereotypes lesson

I hope that by not shying away from social justice issues in my classroom, and by approaching them with consideration and awareness of my students; that I can set them on the path to understanding their own opinions thoughts and biases related to these issues and create more mindful and engaged citizens.